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You are able to choose between room templates that looks like your own. Example: if your bathroom is square, the design to choose must be the "square" floor plan.


Once you choose the proper design, it will appear as room with the Observer (your viewing position) and a small lamp (room main light). On the left of the screen you can find the 3D Models to use and decorate your space.


At this point, you could choose the sanitarywares or other "object". You can change to other sets of 3D models just by using the dropdown box.

  Other way to start using the Tool:  

Choose predefined spaces with our product collections (Designer Rooms), in which they are not only the ceramic products, but also complete with room specific furnishing.


Once you choose the room designer, it will appear in 3D; this process can take some time. You will see that the program will begin to download the products that the room contains; in the right corner of the screen a window will be opened that will show the download process.


Finished this process, it will appear a window with a Step-Help, click OK to close it if you are ready to start using the tool.




  New Project: Open a new project.


  Open Project: Open a saved project.


Open Template: Open a Designer Room or Room Templates.



Save Project: Saves the project.


Print: Print the 2D project showed on the monitor.


3D View: Change to 3D style.


Undo: With the blue arrow you get one by one step back, with the black you can select a group of steps to delete.


Select Mode: To select objects or drawing parts, just click or drag on them.


Select Only Mode: Select several elements at same time.


Pan Mode: Move Floor Plan (useful when using zoom tool).


Rotate Mode: To rotate the selected object, click and drag the mouse.


Zoom Mode: Zoom in with left button or click right button and select zoom level.


Zooms to 100%


Adjusts project to screen: Shows all project parts in the screen.


Draw Floor Plan: Draw your floor plan (free drawing).


Interior: Create interior walls like benches or columns.


Insert Light: Insert a second light to your project.


Insert Observer: Insert a new observer in case you delete it.


Extra Tools for your  2D Project creation


On/Off Switch Straight angle mode: Turn on to draw lines with 90º rect angles.


Rectangle Mode On/Off: With this button selected, you can only create square or rectangle plans.








Open Designer Rooms


Open Project: Open a saved project.


Save Project: Saves the project.


Print 3D View


View Mode You can select the layer tiles by clicking on them.


Row Mode: Select a single row of tiles.


Column Mode: Select a single vertical line of tiles.


Tile by Tile Selection: Select a single tile, and several pressing "Shift" key and clicking on diferent tiles.


Edit Object Attributes: Selecting first an object, click here to change all the properties the object have.


Insert Material


Delete Material


Rotate Tiles


Change Number of Rows


Change level Height


Replace Materials


Estimator: Create a estimator of the materials or objects used in the project.


Back to 2D: Go back to 2D Mode.


Adjust Lights


Start Rendering Photo: Makes a realistic image of the project, that you can save, print or sent by email.


Start Rendering Panoramic View: Creates a panoramic view of the project.


Open Photo: Open a saved Photo.


Open Panoramic View: Open a saved panoramic view.